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News Flash: Dudes Have Feelings Too

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Crazy talk, right?  I know, I know. We ladies are so used to sexism, so used to the idea that men are just trying to fuck us, that we don’t realize that sometimes we act just like them. But it turns out that boys have feelings, and they can get hurt, just as bad as ours.

This all came to my attention because of a recent blog I posted entitled “Know the Difference Between Fuckable vs. Dateable”. In this blog, I referred to certain types of men as ‘Human Dildos’. Now, I still think that’s funny; just like I think referring to certain females as ‘Cum Dumpsters’ is funny. But it’s not so funny when you are on the receiving end of such a reference.

Dudes catch feelings for the girls they are banging just like girls. Maybe not as often, but maybe that is just what we are conditioned to think as a society. We are told to protect our daughters; that men only think with their dicks; that women are weak and emotional and men are strong and stoic. Well, guess what? That’s a lot of bullshit. Women can be douchebags, too. And men can be total sweethearts who just want love. And both genders can be trifilin’ hoes.

Now we here at The Girl’s Guide to Depravity like to make a lot of rules. But the most important thing to remember in love and war and dating and fucking is the most important rule of all: treat others as you would like to be treated. Be honest. Be real. Don’t hurt other people lest you hurt yourself. Don’t treat a good man like a dick because you wouldn’t want a man to treat you like a cunt. Keep it sexy, keep it safe, keep it classy… but also keep it kind.

Rule #45: Go Forth And F*ck

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I was just talking to one of my Depraved Guy friends (yep, I go both ways when it comes to depraved advice) who is getting p*ssy thrown at him right and left these days — but he really wants to get back together with an ex.

So of course I told him he better pounce on as much ass as he can right now, and then try to re-connect with his ex.  Not only is it going to make him that much more attractive to his former flame (we have a way of just being able to smell the sex on you), but once he’s back in his relationship, you know he’ll only be getting it like once a week, maybe twice a week on birthdays and Christmas.

“Go forth and f*ck, my friend,” I told him.  And indeed he did!