Don’t Waste Your Time On Tinder

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Last summer, every girl I know was raving about all the hot guys on Tinder and how it was such a quick and easy way to meet them. However, flash forward to the present day, and I don’t know a single person who ended up having a Tinder success story, myself included.

One of my girlfriends dated a guy whom we now believe was homeless (he had no friends and he basically moved in with her on the second date), another one fought with her date over their dinner bill, and one of my guy friends got involved with this crazy bitch who put his picture, phone number and e-mail address on Grindr when he stopped calling/fucking her. When he texted me from a new number a few days later and told me the story, I was equally amused and horrified.

The guys who are on Tinder now are total creeps, so if you want to amass a large collection of dick pictures on your phone, fuck random dudes and never hear from them again, Tinder is be perfect for you. But all the eligible bachelors have seemingly quit the app, so if you’re looking for more than a late night booty call, don’t even waste your time. You have a better chance of meeting a decent man at a dive bar (or OK Cupid) than you do from swiping right.


  1. Anonymous

    I’ve met a very nice guy on Tinder. We’ve been dating for a few weeks and he is nothing like a creep! Found quite a few other guys on there I would have met up with if the first date hadn’t been so successful. Maybe it’s just Tinder in the UK that is still good.

    • Heather

      Tinder in the UK is probably way less douchebaggy than tinder in la. But then, la is the land of the douchebag.

      • Anonymous

        AMEN!!! Tinder in LA is like a horror story!

  2. TM

    if you need tinder to meet people then u deserve whatever creepy guy or crazy bitch u end up with lol.

    most people nowadays would be hermits if they didn’t have the internet to meet people.

  3. ask

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  4. Steve

    Most women on tinder now are bitter man hating gold digging boring plain frumps. They’ve latched on from the true exciting girls that were on there and moved over from sites like Plenty of fish where even the ugliest plainest most boring woman gets an average of 10 emails a day from guys that don’t know how to pull out in the bars and clubs etc.
    These types of women are moaning groaning bitter women, losers in life and just out for what they think they can get, yet haven’t a single attribute to offer back.

  5. Steve

    Ps my advice to all men is get out and about and avoid tinder and especially the loser women on online dating sites like Plenty of fish. I tried that for 4 months and found most of the women on there to be bitter nasty and absolutely no sense of humour. Avoid at all costs

  6. Jon

    The women on Tinder are total trash. The whole app is extremely shallow, it is for sex and they know it. Some women try to claim otherwise. As if it weren’t entirely based on physical attraction as opposed to other traits. They act like they are saints to all the betas, offended by their advances and motives. Then when an alpha comes along they have no conflict with spreading their legs.

    They have us convinced we are living in a Rape Culture world, but as you can see from the previous posts it should be called a Creeper Culture. A misandrist driven propaganda scheme that makes men look like mindless fiends all the while boosting the ego of the petty females.

  7. rus

    There’s no problem with tinder. Everyone has their own opinion- It is what it is. Can’t handle the heat then get out the kitchen.

  8. Minucaro

    tinder is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME..

    MOST OF GIRLS – 50% will get 100’s of matches DAILY..

    MOST OF GUYS – will get NONE.. Maybe 1-2 a month !

    so basically even you average retarded girl will act as a princess and only look for brad pit or whatever male whores ..

    She will literally go thorough 1000 profiles and decide that NONE of them is up to her standards.. or maybe 1 out of 1000…

    so it is an app for the totally retarded mentally sick western women – US, Europe who has lost any touch with reality and lives in her own MTV and facebook sponsored “princess world”. don’t fucking waste you time with EU or US trash.. just jump on a plane if you have balls and meet some nice decent women from somewhere else.. or at least some not decent but hot and fun ones :-P.

    You are lucky that there are still some parts of the world where people are free.

    • Anonymous

      That was an extremely general comment.

  9. Anonymous

    Overseas away from the girls here in the USA is where its at. I met so many beautiful hot girls, was wondering why i wasted my time here for so long. Something is wrong with our society here, people are stranger than ever, whatever happend to just acting normal? Cant date women here if there over 25,there usually crazy already,bitter and have been tossed around way too many times. Plus women here age awfully, they look like shit at 30, thats a fact! Women should know this, yet they pretend their still hot cause they got messaged by some depraved guy on tinder .

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  12. Wiwian West

    I come from Estonia and I am not a creepy bitch with lack of humor etc.
    But I meet only players via tinder. And I do not use provocative pictures or language. Thank god I do not have children. Do not like what I see in this world.
    All is about getting – not giving. I was not get raced like that. All of you ask your friends / co workers etc. to help you to find someone nice and GENUINE. Much better way to meet someone.
    What last men did who I met via Tinder…. Dates me and continue to date ( and sleep with others) – To me he says he want to date only me…. He thinks I can`t check if he lies. He based in Marbella Spain and his users name is Alexander and Patrik – He have 2 profiles ( age 39) He is biggest liar . I do not use Tinder or any of apps like this ever again. Women – if men who read book :THE GAME OR SIMILAR : RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. If you wanna see who is serious – do not sleep in 3 moths. 🙂 Love do not base on sex at all. – Make men earn you – but to all women this is apply to you. If you meet good guy – show him also that he is special… Good look to all of you to find a true love <3 AND better fortune to this 2017 !!! <3

    • Simon Carter

      Make men earn you?
      Fuck i hate how some women think like this.
      Its a 2 way street.
      Another man hater here..

  13. bo

    daytime approaches trump tinder any day of the week on so many levels

  14. root@localhost

    +1 that it’s a severe waste of time. Male from Malaysia.

    I should’ve searched the web for reviews before I installed Tinder a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t know the problem started years ago. Being someone from the computer era, I’m not someone glued to smartphones.

    Matches from my area are mostly exhibitionists. Some has lots of photos on Instagram and only 1 out of 7-8 responded on Instagram.

    One asked for a date after a couple of lines by relying on instant messenger for communication. Hell, I’m not driving all the way to treat a stranger that I might not even get to contact when I’m there. And so, she unmatched me the moment I declined. Another explained to me that she does it all the time through instant messengers. Free lunch/dinner from a stranger – there are plenty of sites to make donations of this sort. Why give a stranger who’s not in need?

    Uninstalling Tinder real soon – once the only decent girl I know (still no other form of contact to progress) read my message since I’ve whined to her about people unmatching me. I’m not unmatching her, I’m dumping away the whole app. Just glad I didn’t waste money on subscriptions. I’ve plenty of time to waste though 🙂

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