“He Says He’s 8 Inches — How Big is he REALLY?”

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In this edition of “Ask a Depraved Bitch,” a reader wants to know what the actual size of her latest lust is:

I’ve been online stalking some guy who claims to be 8″.  But guys always lie about their height and their penis size, so how big do you think he is really?  Don’t just advise me to fuck him to find out, I wanna know in advance so I don’t waste anymore time thinking about this dick if he’s not up to my standards.

–Size Queen

Dear Size Queen,

Much like the butt sex ratio, there is indeed a penis size ratio.  The average American penis is 5 1/2 inches hard.  Yet most men tell women they are from 7-8 inches.  So I would definitely apply a two-inch deduction to whatever he says.  But there’s really no way to be sure until he whips out his boner.  You don’t have to fuck him per se to find out, but a little bit of a handy never hurt.  Course, if this is a strictly textual relationship, tell him to send you a dick pic posed next to a ruler.  Then you’ll know.


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  1. mimi

    the height …his body so is also a good give away also check out his hands and fingers guys with big hands tend to have big dicks

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