How Do You Say “Depravity” in Italian?

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My book’s been published in Italian!  I don’t speak this amazing language of love, food and fottendo, but I’m told the new title roughly translates to “Bad Girls Are Made, Not Born.”  In honor of this transcontinentally depraved event, I’m giving away a signed book (in the original English) to one lucky, dirty, winner.

To enter*:

  1. Become a fan on Facebook (see link at right.)
  2. In the comments below, tell me why you absolutely CANNOT live another day without this book.
  3. Be sure to leave your e-mail in the e-mail field, not the body of the comments (unless you’re trolling for spammers.)

I will pick one winner by next Thursday June 19th.

*Sorry, but I will only ship to US addresses.


  1. Anna

    Love love love the show! Can’t wait for my kids to go to bed so I can turn on my episodes on my dvr! Wanting this book so badly! Thanks very much!

  2. John

    I was introduced through the TV show. I love the humour and the wit. I started following on Twitter and have yet to be disappointed. I am certain I will love the book as well.

  3. Jaimee

    I’ve lost my way and need guidance, O depraved one. Please send me a copy of the book so that I can get on the right path and do not waste my drinking nights reading books alone in bars and losing at trivia.

  4. Mickey

    This show is so true… It would be great to receive the book and all the details. The rules are the best part of having a successful relationship

  5. Gabriel Burger

    Because I still think about what could’ve happened had I made it to that (can’t remember if it was a frog jumping or turtle racing) contest

  6. Jessica Miller

    I love the show! Its so good. I absolutely CANNOT live another day without this book because everything I have been reading is crap and I need something good for a change. How can I suggest good books to friends if I am reading crap?

  7. Jessica Lynn

    This show is simply amazing! I ran across it by accident and I’ve been hooked ever since. I have even used some of the rules in my own dating experiences and it’s worked. It would definitely help having this nifty little book on my nightstand for refreshing my mind with what to do and what not to do before a big date.

  8. Stefanie

    The show and the blog are witty, inspiring and just enjoyable to watch/follow. As someone who just moved to Chicago and in the same age range I find myself identifying a lot with the characters. I embrace the role of the characters as being intelligent, classy and still sexual women, something that many believe are qualities that can’t be or are rarely found together. I can’t live without the book because I enjoy hearing the perspectives of these women and hope to emulate them as I plant my seed in Chicago over the next few years in law school and in the professional world.

  9. tammy

    Working a 12hr night shift on weekends and holidays leaves my co workers and I with no life. We are surrounded by guys at work with no luck. We spend our down time thinking of ideas and talking about what? Sex!!! Haha we need help!! We need this book!!! Please help!

  10. Rob

    I had the fortune and pleasure of working on the post sound for the show and thoroughly enjoyed meeting many people involved with the show. Their ideas and visions come from this book, but as is almost always the case, I’m sure the book is that much better than the show. With no Season 3, having the book will allow me to picture Sam, Lizzie, Tyler, Megan, Jenna, Dean, Rachel and the rest of the cast follow, and sometimes, not follow, the rules.

  11. Steve Johnson

    One late night, I found this show in the cable guide and put it on just out of curiosity. I thought it looked like a regular tv show, but then the crazy rules (regardless if they break ’em or not), the beautiful women, the witty humor and wonderful storyline drew me in. I started watching more and wish I had never missed out on it in the first place. I still have a few episodes to find that I haven’t seen yet. This show has not disappointed me yet and I love it! The book is absolutely necessary in your everyday life! What else have I to look forward to when there’s no new seasons to watch? I need this book NOW!!

  12. Andee

    I only have the iBooks version of this book and some douche stole my iPad while our house was getting painted so I can’t read it… Except on the tiny iPhone screen, which is bullshit.
    I’d love a signed copy. This book really changed my life. I used to be this sad girl who bounced from terrible relationship to terrible relationship with less than stellar guys because that’s what society tells us to do. Reading this book showed me an alternative and led me to a year of the best sexual (and nonsexual) adventures of my life, complete with a group of like-minded women who were also in on the secret. You can bang the bad boy and not put up with his bullshit.
    Eventually, as the result of a drunk/coked out weekend of illicit fun in New Orleans, I met a nice guy who wouldn’t go away and was actually really smart and relaxed, but, much like the circumstances of the book’s author, I’m still a depraved girl in my soul.
    Reading this book made me a much more interesting person who didn’t agonize over men and I would love to have a physical copy proudly displayed on my shelf.

  13. Heather

    Hey, everyone, I loved reading all your responses. It was really hard to pick a winner and I wish I could give a book to everyone, but I found the one person whom I thought was the most needy. Am waiting for them to e-mail me back with contact info, but if I don’t hear from them soon, I may have to go with my runner up, so sit tight and check your e-mail!

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