Its The Weekend! Why Don’t You… Bite Me?

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Rarrr.  So, why don’t you bite me?  No, seriously.  Literally.  OWwww!  Whoa, not too hard, just, like… sexy hard.  I mean… making love is beautiful and sweet and sensual and, well, LOVEly.  But doesn’t that get a little boring after a while?  (Yes.)  So why not get a little fresh with your lover?  Get a little naughty, get a little rowdy, get a little… bite-y.

I’m not saying draw blood or anything.  And I’m not saying it needs to erupt into a full on S&M session either.  All I’m saying is there is absolutely nothing wrong and a whole lot of things right with marking your territory, just a little bit.  The thing is, Location, Location, Location.  You don’t want to leave your boo looking like a teenager who just landed their first crush.  Or even worse, the victim of some sort of violence.  So pick a spot that is sensual and discreet.  (Nipples.  Totally the nipples.  For women, they are meant to be sucked and practically chewed.  For men, they don’t need ’em anyway.)

Getting a little rough is not for everyone, but you never know who is down until you try.  And you’d be surprised – its always the people you would least expect.  I know, personally, if I left you with some bite marks, I was just letting you know that I had a good time.


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