Just The Tip…Of The Week: Always Have Sexy Pics Ready To Send

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I like sending guys lingerie-clad selfies, but if I’m dealing with some serious PMS bloat or I’m already in bed, I’m not about to spend ten minutes sucking it in while trying to snap the perfect pic of myself in the mirror. So what’s a girl to do in a pinch? Have a wealth of sexy stock photos saved away somewhere safe!

I like to have my one-woman photo shoots after a day at the pool and/or a week after I get my period because I always look five pounds skinnier then, and it’s always awesome when these two events coincide.  But most of the time guys want to see you bent over or striking a pose in a pair of lacy undies, and let’s face it — that shit doesn’t always happen in real time. I’d say half of the pics I send are actually taken that day/night — the other percentage come from the archive. Sorry boys! But at least I’m not recycling nudies — that’s majorly bad bedroom karma.

When I’m feeling motivated, I’ll pick out a few sets of hot lingerie and turn my bathroom into a studio while I go through all the key shots: front, back (with the phone held lower than your ass to make you look more like Kim Kardashian than Cameron Diaz), side, close up of cleavage and maybe a shot of me touching myself laying down.  It’s good to have options, and if you have a few in the same pink thong, most guys won’t even stop and think about the fact that you might have taken it two weeks earlier.

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