Once You Go Hairy, It Ain’t So Scary…

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For many years I thought I was only attracted to blonde-haired, blue-eyed Ken doll types, but after a few more recent encounters with dark and handsome men, I now go both ways. While I’ll always be a sucker for light eyes, I appreciate a solid beard and I’ve even found that a decent amount of chest hair turns me on — especially if it hasn’t been groomed.

The last person I had sex with wasn’t a total werewolf (read: he didn’t have back, ass or shoulder hair), but he had plenty of fur on his torso. You couldn’t even see skin in some spots, and if I had dropped a piece of gum on him, it would have gotten embedded deep in his chest carpet. He sometimes trimmed it, but not too close, which is key. When he let it grow out it was soft, and during our post-coital snuggles I actually caught myself stroking it because I liked the the way it felt on my fingertips. I’m not even kidding.

Interestingly enough, I now have the same sentiments about pubic hair when it comes to shaving. While I don’t want a bush, I’d rather have that than a prickly pair of balls. Hair down there is normal and the softer it is, the better. So for those of you ladies out there who haven’t gotten touchy feely with a fuzzy fellow, I urge you to try it out before turning your nose up. And to the guys — don’t put your clipper settings too low when it comes time to manscape. No one likes stubble south of the border.

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