Rule #13: There’s More Than One Way To Fuck A Man

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Although there are all kinds of ways to screw a guy in bed, the fucking I’m talking about has to do with his head.

That’s right, girls. I’m talking revenge.

Let’s say you’ve been dating this guy who is so your T (full sleeve of tatts, vintage car) for about two months. You’ve been inseperable since the night you dragged him back to your place after a bingeing on tequila at the Snakepit. It’s getting serious enough to finally have “the talk” — you know, where you agree that it’s ok to fart in front of each other. Suddenly, he stops calling, won’t return texts/tweets/e-mails. After a little investigation you find out HE’S HAD A GIRLFRIEND THE ENTIRE TIME! She just happened to be out of town when you two hooked up. And that fucker even told you he loved you! (Ok, it was after half a bottle of Jack and a hummer, but still!)

So, do you sit around crying to your girlfriends while watching the entire box set of Sex and the City on a loop? Or do you make HIM cry?

Obviously, I vote for the latter.

Fuck his car:

A D-bag loves nothing more than his car, so hit him in his figurative balls. You could go the Carrie Underwood route and mess with the outside of the car, or you could fuck up the inside. Some say it’s a myth, but a friend of mine swears (from experience) that pouring sugar in a gas tank will fuck up the engine. Powdered sugar, sand and bleach with also mess that shit up. Now I’m not condoning this, as it IS illegal, so if you go this route, make sure you’re ready for the consequences (i.e. take a sweater, jail is cold.)

Fuck his Facebook:

The Girl's Guide to Depravity
Wait until you know he’ll be out at some loud club for the night and then have a really, really great friend leave this post on his wall. Then wait for the comments from his girlfriend and other hos to roll in.

Fuck his home:

The idiot is too stupid to remember that he told you where he keeps the hide-a-key. Use it to get in and then kidnap his cat like my friend L once did (she still has that pussy) or if you’re really committed, you’ll move (or remove) one item every week until he thinks he’s going crazy.

Have you got a tale of depraved revenge? I’d love to hear it — post it in the comments below!


  1. Wings

    these are excellent!

  2. Wings

    i do have one story…about the spare key…

    we changed the draws around in his bedroom…

    they were all the same so it was pretty easy…

    he lived with a mate of our who knew what we were doing and the stories that came back about him think he had brain damage because he could never find his boxers were hilarious!

  3. Heather

    So you switched around his drawers drawers? Love it!

  4. ramyaranee

    Oh gawd! The Facebook one is hilarious!

  5. Anonymous

    I'm a bit ashamed to say this, but one time I flushed his precious goldfish down the toilet.

  6. Heather

    That's so evil and I love it!

  7. Martin

    You've got to use powdered sugar in the gas tank. It acts much faster because it won't get clogged up in the fuel filter like granular sugar will.

  8. Anonymous

    To get revenge, I took every one of his right shoes and threw them in the Goodwill Box.
    Also peed in his colonge bottle, scrubbed the toilet w/ his toothbrush and sprinkled fiberglass insulation in his bed..

  9. Anonymous

    If you want to fuck his car fast, a few gallons of water in the gas tank works way better than sugar… the gasoline floats on top so the fuel line gets filled with water, the car may start but he def won't be going anywhere.

  10. Anonymous

    So I have a story.

    My now ex boyfriend dumped me and left me with no place to live so he could be with his 19 year old ex girlfriend and her 4 month old baby. Everything we had was in my name so I was stuck getting rid of the apartment/hot water/phone/internet..stuff like that. He didn't help with anything and I was in college taking 20 credits while this was happening.

    So..the day I gave our landlord the keys back, I went to the douche bags work, told him that I was going to fuck him over like he did to me..and then stole his car.

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