Rule #42: F*ck Someone Else

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There are so many fabulous reasons why, when you’re jonesing for some dick (or pussy, in the case of my guy friend), and they won’t give it up that you should just up and fuck someone else.

1. It starts with an O and ends with you jizzing all over the bed (or couch/bathroom floor/back alley.)

This was really going to be the only reason, but some people just don’t fuck for fuck’s sake, so here’s some more:

2.  Just like your target can smell your desperation, they’ll also be able to smell the sex you’re having, and you will therefore become more attractive to them.

3.  If you’re totally creaming for some hot dude so hard that you can’t think of anything else but his dick, jump aboard another guy’s train to try to break the spell.  You may find your obsession is transferred to this new dick, but in some cases, it splits your attention down the middle and you no longer have the pit in your stomach every time your phone rings and it’s not him.


  1. Barn House

    HEE HAW!

  2. Catherine

    Wish I took that advice months ago!

  3. Rita Hind

    It is soo true.. Recent split from 7 yr relationship and all i can obsess with is getting fucked! So have been enjoying good old fashioned sex chat with a guy…! Watching loads of hot sexy porn n soon as i get my things n move back home with family n best friends, will start to hunt for that one to break my 7yr virginity!

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