Sometimes it’s Sexier With Your Clothes On

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I know men are very visual mother-fuckers and love to see the whole butt-naked, spread-eagled package before they get down to business. But sometimes I think sex is so much hotter when most of your clothes are still on.

Maybe it reminds me of grade school when I had to sneak in a quickie with my first boyfriend before my mom made it to the top of the stairs with the milk and cookies, but there’s just something so very naughty about the simple unzipping of a fly, and pulling down of the panties before you stick it in that gets me nice and moist.

It’s like, you’re so hot for your guy, you can’t even wait for him to pull his pants down before you need to put the p in the v.

So ladies, the next time you’re gearing up for some sexy time with your man (or that random dirty hot dude who’s been eye-fucking you from the end of the bar), wear a skirt, ditch the knickers, and take nothing off before you get off.


  1. jason

    as a guy i could not agree with this post more! it is incrediably hot! just as long as it is not in some dirty ass bathroom

  2. Toad734

    Then why go through all the trouble of Brazilian waxes and asshole bleaching? It seems like such a waste…For the record, I don't really know what asshole bleaching is.

  3. The Cuntessa

    @jason — what's wrong with a dirty ass bathroom?

    @Toad734 — a Brazilian is more about how it FEELS than how it looks… although asshole bleaching is purely visual. It's when they bring your brown eye back to a pretty pink pucker.

  4. Vibin' Vixen

    @jason as a woman I thought one of the HOTTEST times I've had sex was in a dirty ass bathroom at the local pool hall WITH our clothes on. The nastiness of it all made it incredibly sexy.

  5. Ken

    I agree up to a certain point:

    1. Quickies (less than five minutes) where you're just trying to finish up where taking off your clothes could possibly compromise the entire act.

    2. Getting started (usually a surprise) where I've decided that dinner was great, this wine is very nice, and the movie your brought over was a nice touch, BUT: I'm really wanting to start sucking on your clit right about now and all you need to do is get comfortable until you're ready for me to go any further.

    I'm a "everything off" kind of guy myself; even down to silly things like socks and ear rings (taking those piercings out with my tongue / mouth is usually a good sign of how the evening will progress). My view is that anything that isn't directly or indirectly related to the sex is going to get in the way. As I have the "holy trinity" of size, technique, and staying power already on my side, the way forward from there is to put that all to good use by having a woman who is willing / able to ride the ride to the end.

    A shirt, pants, skirt, or anything else starts to chafe in quite an irritating (and distracting) way after a while. Especially in my favorite of positions, missionary, which allows the maximum amount of touching and kissing with good penetration and clitoral stimulation (the Liberator wedge is a great bedroom tool to assist here as well).


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