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Rule# 52: Good Things Come In Threesomes

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Two is great but three is better, especially when it comes to sex.

If you haven’t tried a threesome yet … what the fuck are you waiting for?  As a woman, it’s not hard to get a hot dude home with you if you’re offering up the opportunity for him to bang you AND your hot friend.  And I’d always recommend a two-girls on three guys set-up, you don’t want to be caught in a devil’s horn threesome with two guys sword-fighting over your vag, or worse, more interested in each other than they are in you.

But you know what’s better than a threesome?  A throuple.  Not only do you get all the perks of a threesome, you also have someone to fuck when one of the parties has whiskey dick/the screaming shits/just isn’t feeling it … or you have a proxy to fuck for you when you’re the one who’s incapacitated.

My friend S has been enjoying the benefits of being in a long distance throuple … which means when she comes to town, it’s all about her and she never has to do the dishes.  Fucking genius.