This Blog Will Get You Laid

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Remember when I decided to play for the other team and help out a friend who was trying to fuck this 24-year-old receptionist at his work?

Well, thanks to my advice, it totally worked! Dude finally banged her last night and he said it was all because I had told him to go fuck someone else first.

There you go, folks, proof the Rules of Depravity will get you laid. If you or someone you know needs a little advice of their own, you can send your questions to and I’ll answer them here on the blog.  Or if you want to remain anonymous, you can always contact me through Formspring!


  1. Anonymous

    I’m recently divorced after 22 years. What’s the most effective way to get back in the game. FWB seems ideal

  2. samantha

    Could you please tell me where you got the picture from? It’s important

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