Heather Rutman is a formerly single (but now settled) woman who spent over a decade dating more than her share of the dicks and douchebags in Hollywood.  Over the years, she was forced to develop her own philosophy on how to deal with them and The Girl’s Guide to Depravity was born. Now that she doesn’t need the rules anymore Heather is passing them on to the next generation of depraved girls, who are looking to get laid without getting screwed.

When she’s not doling out her depraved advice here, Heather writes and produces for television, working on projects with NBC, ABC Family, Lifetime Television, VH1 and Sony.

The Girls Guide to Depravity has been adapted into a thirteen episode series that airs on Cinemax Friday nights at 11pm ET/8pm PT.  It’s also been adapted into a book from Running Press that you can order on Amazon.

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typeRachel Hangover is a writer/actress/drinker/leo.  She loves making pictures, telling stories and singing whenever she thinks she is alone.  Sometimes she gets drunk and says mean things, but she’s working on it, okay?  Sheesh.  You can follow her on Twitter, friend her on Facebook or stalk her on IMDB.