Fuck Carrie Bradshaw

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So I was reading some article about how throngs of wannabe Carrie Bradshaws were (and continue to be) so inspired by Sex and the City that they moved to NYC to live her fabulous faux-life.  So now there’s a city full of Carries in search of Mirandas, Samanthas and Charlottes to listen to their endless relationship drama bullshit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, SATC is obviously a huge inspiration to me (as well as GIRLS, which I’m also a huge fan of) but I never wanted to be Carrie.  Because Carrie Bradshaw is an asshole.

Have you ever watched the entire series back-to-back?  I did once, after a particularly horrible breakup and period of unemployment when I had nothing to do but drink Xantinis and watch tv.  If you actually watch the episodes in close order, you’ll see that she’s basically a self-involved bitch who ruins all her relationships.

Fuck Carrie.  I’d rather be Samantha.





  1. haley

    Had I known Xantinis were a thing, I too would have watched the entire season…of every single show on Netflix.

  2. Amy

    I’d rather be Samantha too. She’s awesome.

  3. Alice

    love your book! moved to a new town and your right about most guys out there! using some of your advice! and btw fuck carrie!

  4. carla

    Finally! I feel the same way too! She was such a jerk!

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