Rule #43: Get Yourself a Practice Guy

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You may not believe it but there have been some times when even a slut like me finds herself without a guy to lust, stalk or fuck. That’s when you’ve got to get yourself a practice guy.

What’s a “practice guy”? He’s someone that you only feel “eh” about so you practice with him until you meet the real thing.

For instance, if there’s some crazy sex acts you want to do with your future fuck (whomever he may be) and you haven’t quite nailed the dismount yet, do it with your practice guy. If you’re afraid of unleashing the crazy too soon in a relationship, find yourself a practice guy and gauge where his cray-cray meter stops.

Basically do everything and anything you either want to do or know you’ll eventually do in spite of yourself with this throwaway dude so that you’re really prepared when that dirty hot guy you’ve been dreaming about (and masturbating to) magically appears.

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